Enhance your team's health, performance, and happiness 
while barely lifting a finger
and looking like a super-hero.
Time - The villain to you being the super hero you know you can be for your organization or team.
Every leader wants the best for their team in terms of personal health, performance and happiness. However, budgets, deadlines, and schedules make it daunting to plan and execute programs to deliver the results your people deserve. Which leaves this aspect of their life and experience with your organization solely up to them…

As you continue to try your best, you still see decreasing engagement and mediocre results. Your own self-worth and confidence take huge hits, turning you, the previous on-fire “hero-to-be” into an apathetic, indifferent, and lukewarm “worker bee.” You’ve officially become robotic with your organization’s wellness path…

It's just plain wrong that with the vision and aspirations that you have, you are stuck in a rut of complacency and disregard for excellence. Where did the fire go?
We hear stories like this a lot.

As a health and performance enhancing company, we know a

 thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
Our process is simple.  
  • You book our Doctor to come speak to your company.
  • ​He or she will deliver a customized program created directly for your people's challenges, goals, and desires.
  • ​The excitement, morale, and action generated in the area of your people's personal health skyrockets.
1.  "How much does this cost?" Well believe it or not we have a promotion in which your first talk can be completely FREE OF CHARGE. 

2. "How much work will this be on my part?" We know your villain is time. This program is virtually turn-key. We simply need you to get the word out and provide the facility. That's it, we do the rest.

3.  We will bring lunch. Experience has proven that people love food and everybody eats. We provide this as a gesture to show how much we want your people to gain from this!

4. “What's in it for you?”, you are are no doubt asking, right? Let me start by saying we do NOT sell products at our events. But what inevitably happens is some people choose to follow up with our Doctor on a personal level for help with their personal health challenges and goals. Which is simply a side effect - the primary outcome and purpose of our program is to educate, inspire, and lead your people in the area of personal health, performance, and happiness!

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DISCLAIMER: Our doctor’s speaking calendar fills up fast, so the sooner you contact us for booking, the higher the likelihood we can meet the needs of your calendar.  
No more bad reviews from your team (or boss) regarding outside speakers or programs.

Eliminate the juggling act you've been trying to manage yet dropping balls everywhere.

Avoid any fears of an outside expert affecting your job security or current company status. 

Imagine your confidence and self-worth after our GO! pro arrives and rocks your people's world!

What would it be like to be the rock-star hero of your organization or team, barley lifting a finger?

Imagine what it would feel like by directly contributing to a positive culture in your company consisting of health, wellness, and high performance?
Dr. Daniel Hecker
Dr. Dan served our country for 5-years in the US Navy before entering the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College where he assisted in the research department. After graduating in 2004, he worked as an independent medical examiner and has treated patients in multidisciplinary clinics working closely with medical doctors and physical therapists. In 2016 he was recognized with a US Senatorial Certificate of Appreciation. He has operated as the head doctor for the Henderson clinic for over 5-years. Dr. Daniel appreciates the journey of life and currently lives in Henderson with his wife.
Dr. Daniel Hecker is a former US Navy Non Commissioned Officer, husband, chiropractor and an inspired, passionate leader helping people maximize their health. Dr. Dan's top priority is to deliver the most cutting edge information on health and wellness, through block buster events and seminars. His impact has reached far beyond his own clinic. In 2016 he was recognized with a US Senatorial Certificate of Appreciation, and is a sought after speaker at corporations, businesses, churches, gyms, clubs, and non-profits.
Meet your GO! pro speakers:
Dr. Devin Luzod
Dr. Devin, as his patients affectionately call him, is a father, husband and wellness speaker with over 20-years experience and thousands of continuing education hours in natural health. His areas of study include pediatric and family health, team sports, healthy living to 100 and wellness in the workplace. His book, 'Live to 100...and Want to' is packed with advice for all ages on how to increase energy, improve sleep, become more flexible and pain free, and manage stress.
Dr. Devin is a sought after speaker, delivering inspiring and educational talks to his peers, community groups, local businesses and schools. He has delivered tailored wellness talks at Williams Sonoma Corp, Wal-Mart Corp, Sun City Summerlin Community, Retired Nurses Association, Rotary Clubs, Parenting Groups, Life University West Homecoming, The International Low Back Pain Conference, The Alternative Medicine Conference in Las Vegas, NV and many other local and national events.
Dr. Hans Conser
Dr. Hans Conser is a father, educator and truly an international man of wellness. He has served on mission trips, practiced and lectured in Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and of course in the United States.
Dr. Hans is passionate and excited about speaking to local community groups, businesses, churches, non-profit groups, hospitals and schools about the topics of how to get more energy, better sleep and have less stress! He has accumulated thousands of hours of continuing education in the natural health field, and is dedicated to a healthy, happy and well-educated community.
Here's what people are saying...
"Dr. Devin's presentation on Sleep, Stress, and Energy in engaging, interactive, and motivational for our Sun City Summerlin residents. He's a fantastic educator who provides hope and realistic ways in which a person's quality of life can greatly improve without medication or surgery. Dr. Devin Luzod has led seminars over the last several years at Sun City Summerlin and we so greatly appreciate his knowledge, his expertise, and his willingness to be passionate and connected to our residents"

Jessie Miles